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Who Are We?

We’re Cat’s Ass Coffee and we love coffee, humor and the finer things in life. But how did we get into this business?

Once upon a time, our founder, Jake, discovered Kopi Luwak while working as a resident DJ at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore—the world’s most expensive casino property. Fascinated by luxury, an avid coffee-drinker, and an entrepreneur by nature, Jake arranged a pilgrimage to the source of the finest coffee in the world: Sumatra, Indonesia.

While being guided around the Lake Toba region, he was introduced to something he’d never heard of before: Kopi Luwak. Jake was fascinated and delighted. Not only was the Kopi Luwak he was served far better than any coffee he’d tasted before, but the fact that a fine luxury product issued from the tail-end of an Asian Palm Civet was perfect for an irreverent luxury brand that could sell product of exceptional quality, while still not taking itself seriously. His customers could enjoy the finest cup of Joe while also being enriched with a healthy dose of humor.

After arranging supply of organic Kopi Luwak beans from a local farmer’s collective, Jake returned to the Marina Bay Sands to begin working on his website—which in keeping with his love for humor—he named Cats Ass Coffee.

decorative image of coffee beans in a wooden spoon

Today, Cats Ass Coffee is sold worldwide as one of the most original and hilarious gift ideas out there.

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Our Values

While touring Vietnam and Indonesia, Jake was exposed to the unethical side of the kopi luwak business, witnessing caged civets and practices modeled on industrial farms.

Unfortunately, the global coffee business can involve exploitation and serious harm to the environment, issues Jake believed he could address by creating his own unique brand. To do so, he would eschew these unsavory practices and embrace the wild harvesters, farmer collectives and independent small family operators he was introduced to in Sumatra.

At Cats Ass Coffee, our motivation and greatest hope is to source coffee in a more sustainable and ethical fashion, working directly small operators who create less negative impacts on the environment, and sourcing only from farmers who collect civet droppings on their plantations from wild Asian palm civets. By being selective and conscientious in our sourcing, we hope that one day, the practice of caging luwaks will be gone for good.

Jake is committed to maximizing the positive impacts of his business. To that end, a portion of our profits goes to supporting women’s education and promoting organic agriculture in Indonesia.

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